Guidance and Counseling

Mission Statement


Ricardo Estrada Junior High School professional school counselors provide counseling programs, which address students’ academic, career, and personal/social development and needs of all students.Ourgoal is to help students explore their skills, abilities and interests,so they can plan and prepare for the future, set goals to reach their educational, personal and career aspirations.Counselors also work with parents and guardians to keep them aware of and involved in their students’ planning.

High School Advancement Credits


  1. 0-5 Credits9thGrader
  2. 6  Credits10thGrader
  3. 12Credits 11thGrader
  4. 18Credits12thGrader
Class of 2015-2016 Graduation Requirements

Must earn 26 credits which include the following:

English 4  Credits

Speech  .5 Credit

Health .5 Credit

Math  4  Credits

Science 4 Credits

U.S. History 1 Credit

World History 1 Credit

World Geography 1 Credit

Government .5 Credit

Economics .5 Credit

Physical Education 1 Credit

Fine Arts1 Credit

Technology 1 Credit

Foreign Language 2 Credits

Electives 4 Credits